Session 216 - The Heart


Hello Son,

The Heart

Should we follow our hearts or our minds? That is, the logic mind or the truthful heart.

In every day decisions perhaps it does not matter, but the things we care about it can be difficult.

But it is what you want that counts with the feelings inside in life and a voice says to pick this; a dilemma that can easily be solved if we just listen to our hearts. The heart too has a say and a truthful voice that calls out, to help you in your decision. This is always the right choice as it is closer to the truth and is not blinded by the logic greedy mind. It guides those who listen and can silence their minds.

But why do you ask, it’s not important? I know what I am doing? I never make mistakes, my judgements are always right?

This is possible but only short term things will work out but in the long run, deep inside you wished that you made another judgement.

This happens to everybody; it is the hit and miss again theory, some work out and some decisions will not. But why go through this all the time when we can learn to listen to our hearts?

By silencing the chatter of the mind and focusing on what we really want is a start to tuning to the heart. Do not loose out if you really seek to find the goals and spiritual achievements in life. It is the foundation of a person in what judgements he makes.

The silence in meditation is the secret and what you focus on, so start now and do not delay.

Your mother; refining the tuning, the messages of the higher conscious realms.