Session 215 - Higher state of involvement


Hello Son,

Higher state of involvement

Almost everyone in the planet is moving towards a change of some kind or another, even though they are not aware. All over the world people are getting up and making rapid changes to their lives then ever before, as though it is necessary.

New inventions and new concepts in science are all over the news. Most people are all caught up in this new wave of excitement and euphoria.

We are going through a transformation in our thinking as the new wave first entered the cosmos and the planet. This new energy has awakened the cells in our brain and igniting the spark to function them.

The higher state of mind is slowly awakening from the slumber, and is eager to move forward. But to move forward there must be some kind of new involvement than the old, otherwise we will go back to the old routine and thoughts.

Every idea is like an excited mind of a child first learning to read. Can you imagine the excitement of the parent, the Creator?

Yes, He too is all overseeing the progress and ascension awakening at this time and is willing mankind forward.

Are you going to watch, or get involved in this evolutionary change of the mind? It is awake yet you are asleep to this. When will you understand that the time is now and not tomorrow?

When mankind uses his higher state of consciousness, he is protected from all evils and desires that corrupt the masses of the people. It is this protection that gives rise to love and peace of the attributes of the Creator. I say again, the Creator is willing mankind to change and move forward through the dimensions until full enlightenment is fulfilled.

The higher state will guide all who know how to silence the mind and listen intensively.  It is pure and has no barriers to stop it from thinking negatively; it has access to God’s own source of all knowledge and wisdom. It is this wisdom that will awaken many further to understand and know the secrets and destinies of all who seek this path. So let us all learn quickly the state of consciousness that will awaken the minds of Man.

Your mother who’s mind was awakened by the Saints and Prophets of the cosmos.