Session 212 - The enlightened Me


Hello Son,

The enlightened Me

Would you like to trade your third dimensional body, which is inclined to be materialistic with a higher vibration body, like a fourth or fifth density one?

This is a difficult question as most are thinking and using their third density body; which is full of materialistic possessions and addictions. Some will be offended by these words and say I am not addicted to anything.

The world is full of pleasures and distractions that lead many away from the truth. It is the truth that ignites the higher consciousness to the infinite knowledge and peace of mind.

Man cannot think or make accurate judgements as long as we are in a third dimensional state, without a person who has a higher enlightened soul than yourself to guide you. Again it is the, hit and misses’ actions in life, when some will do well part of the time and some will later suffer significantly.

The enlightened Me, is a sacred soul that has gone through the suffering in life and has learnt his lessons. He has actually re-invented himself and negated his oneself and acknowledged, in some part of his life, that he knew nothing. His opinions were tainted and biased towards himself.

The enlightened Me have learnt the steps and even the falls of life and is able to get up and carry on with his path for a higher level thinking state.

It has hard for him and many a time he cried with tears of agony; but he was able to get up and move on with his life. This moment is the essence of victory for man. Rather than fighting with his Creator, he was able to move on and keep going.

The enlightened Me, at this time is able to use his higher conscious at will; he is fully connected and thinking, and making accurate decisions become easier, as long as he is away from the distractions of the world, which will quickly lead him astray. He can enjoy the peace and harmony of his mind, as he can reflect on things and situations without being flustered, as he in a state of calmness.

The enlightened Me, is often living the rest of his life now, in a state of calmness, as;

He knows and stays away from all the distractions.

He knows where the pitfalls are and he stays away from them.

He knows the truth and he can apply his superior mind and adapt.

He knows when to get up and out of a situation that will corrupt him.

He knows that he is protected by his faith.

He knows that it is belief that drives the wheel of fortune.

He knows and he stays away again and again from the agonies of the mind.
He knows how to protect from the emotional heartaches of the material world.

He knows when to quit and start over again.

He knows his wisdom of his experiences can help him make decisions that others cannot.

He knows his path, he is aware.

He knows he is protected again and again by his belief.

He knows when to be silent and when to listen.

He knows in humiliation he will always be the victor in the eyes of the Creator.

He knows his wisdom is his drive for the rest of his higher self life.

He knows he is a teacher and an inspiration to all, in humility.

He knows his humility and love is his protection from evil gazes.

He knows he has truly won the victory of himself and conquered his fears.

Would you like to trade your third density body for a higher self, or do you still love the possessions that are decaying away in front of your eyes? Are you still holding on to traditions that do not nourish or guide you in any way? Have you stopped listening and still carrying on without all is happening around at this time.

Your mother, igniting the dreams within; speaking from the higher dimensions of self.