Session 211 - Cellular changes


Hello Son,

Cellular changes

When we are restless or even confused, our body and mentality acts the same. A person begins to pace up and down and the typical symptoms we all have, we go through.

This restless or anxiety goes deep down to the cellular level and the nervous system. Now in this state, we prolong the symptoms for a period of time; they become embedded into the frame work of the body, mind complex.

It is like a root that keeps on growing into the soil, in this case the body.

If in this state, we should start meditating regularly as we can overturn or kill the roots of these symptoms.

Meditation ignites the cells and the higher consciousness; it actually revives, and restores the energy lost. It is like a natural repair tonic to most symptoms. It goes straight down to cellular level.

When we come out of meditation, we feel peaceful and calm or completely refreshed. This is because our body, mind complex system has been rejuvenated and completely revived. If we continuously meditate, most symptoms can be contained or even eradicated. The nervous system too is repaired.

Cells in the body are rejuvenated from the divine light of the Creator. When we tap into our higher consciousness, the energy we receive is pure and undiluted of any kind.

If we continue to keep our focus for a longer period then we actually feel better and better; whether during channelling or meditating. The benefits are all to see and the evidence is everywhere in the faces of people who do these regularly.

See how you feel when you meditate; and for studying too it relaxes you and focussing becomes easier.

Your mother; keep the spark alive and be happy.