Session 210 - Dimensions of Consciousness


Hello Son,

Dimensions of Consciousness

The levels of consciousness is the evolution of man’s destiny and agreement dating back to the beginning of time, when God blew into Adam and sent him down to Earth.

This agreement is now coming true than ever before during these times of ascension.

As the third density illusion is slowly evaporating, Man is awakening from his slumber; he will be more aware than before how inept and inadequate he is without the use and guidance from the higher consciousness.

There will be an intense cleansing of thoughts as he rids himself of the memories of past and the addiction he was accustomed to. All will need patience at this time, from your selves and others.

We all need a space of solitude, to relax, collect our thoughts and decide what direction one should take.

When we move up the dimensions of awakening we become more and more instinctive and intuitive. The senses are more tuned than ever before and it is like looking through with a new pair of eyes.

Our thinking has changed and the things we used to fight for meaningless items become less. Priorities have changed also as there will be an insatiable appetite to seek more knowledge; but it is the truth that Man is searching for. The truth of his origins and success for the later life, after the awakening.

Inspirations will come in different forms as you will be ignited from various devices, from watching TV, internet or other sources. The Creator will continue to drive the enthusiasm you have as long as the desire and spark is still there. It is often said in different words in all the holy books, ‘if you take one step forward then God will take ten’.

The Creator will always grant the wishes of Man if they accelerate and fulfil his own destiny. Mans search for the hidden truths will always be in the hearts of the many.

The Dimensions of awakening of all the consciousness is necessary and a must for all who wish to be fully awakened. Let the desire increase inside each of you and let the Creator envelope his mercy and love.

Your mother, knowledge of all dimensions.