Session 209 - The Fifth Dimension


Hello Son,

The Fifth Dimension

This dimension is the progression from the fourth and more refined. At this level we intuitively and instantly acquire the knowledge to ‘know’ what is the Creator’s plan.

It is also the end of all ones addictions from the third density. We are able to use our higher level consciousness to a higher degree to understand the life we led and comprehend how we should lead the next.

Everything clicks together and the jigsaw pieces of the cosmos begin to fit as well.

At the third density, we were constantly using our logic and consciousness. It is why the world was so difficult and on occasions extremely stressful, as we were not using or were not in-tuned to our higher self to guide us.

However in the fifth dimension, we are continuously using the higher consciousness and the knowledge given by the Creator to guide us.

You are tired, we will continue later.

Your mother of patience.