Session 208 - The Fourth Dimension


Hello Son,

The Fourth Dimension

This is the astral plane or the dream world or even the world where the soul adventures during our sleep

Every person has dreamt and has experienced this plane of existence whether they remember their dreams or not.

When we sleep, this realm is activated, hence sometimes we can see ourselves flying and going to unusual places. Time does not exist and we are also free of the density and gravity of the material physical realm. Things can be done immediately, as in our dreams we can arrive at a place immediately without any effort then almost at once can arrive at another place again.

Time is nothing for the soul; it is free to explore the realms. The soul too has senses and in our dreams we can sometimes taste and even feel the pain when we wake up. Even in dreams we wake up shaken; the senses are highly tuned and can be further developed and refined through memory recall and continuous experiences and journeys of the soul.  

Emotions are still an issue as we sometimes visit past relatives or even friends and family in the third dimension; this is because we use the memories we have from the physical realm.  

From these memories and experiences, we develop our understanding and enhance the adventures in the Astral plane.  

This is a natural progression as ordained by the infinite Creator; Man’s destined, to be reminded is to experience every level of consciousness and realms of the evolution of his journeys.

The fourth dimension is the next vital part of Mans consciousness and we have glimpses of this in our dreams. Through meditation or other conscious awakenings, we can develop the clarity of our dreams. Hence refining and tuning the inner sight of the subconscious realms of existence.

This is only a glimpse into the fourth density awakening.

Your mother who has experienced all the realms of consciousness.