Session 207 - The Third Dimension


Hello Son,

The Third Dimension

This material world is the physical plane of existence, the birth of Man in his physical sense.

This is where all the senses are developed and enhanced and refined. We spend most of our earlier life in education; learning the skills for later life and its challenges.

When we analyse our lives, it is based around three phases.

Phase one; Early years. When we are born, our education starts immediately to adapt to this physical plane of existence. As a helpless child we need to adjust to the world we live in immediately.  

At this young age we learn by experimenting and by touch. A child is constantly confused as he picks up a toy or any object, this is the learning he/she is experiences through the development of his senses. The child senses are not tuned to the brain. It can be better described as being dormant and through the senses; it slowly builds up a memory of all its actions.

The child continues on this phase into school and rapidly acquiring the knowledge again through his/her senses. By this time the child can think and work out problems for him/herself.

Phase two; Middle years to young adulthood. At this prime age, the person has acquired and tuned the senses according to his upbringing, surroundings, experiences and education. The person has banked millions of memories, which are stored in the brain, which are uses on a daily bases.

The person can make major decisions and begins the journey through life based around his/her workplace. It will think and develop further, mentality and even his/her habits.

Phase three; Adulthood, 40+. The person has matured into an adult. The physical realms he/she will experience are vast depending on their exposure to worldly affairs and surrounding. They can comfortably advise others due to their experiences.  

Now if they wish, they can further develop the senses through mediation to acquire and activate their subconscious part of the brain.

These three phases are briefly described and the emphasis is on developing the senses through experience and action at each part of one’s life. It is clear some will accelerate their learning due to the amount of exposure to knowledge and further development as they take positive actions.  

This third dimension is the learning, acquiring, educating, and acting upon the thoughts and decisions made by the conscious.  

Your mother knowledge of the cosmos.