Session 206 - The Death of Doubt


Hello Son,

The Death of Doubt

I want you all to say out loud that you have finally buried the doubt that has plagued everyone’s lives.

    Say it, ‘No more doubt’
    Again, ‘No more doubt’

    Say, ‘The death of doubt’

    Now believe.
We lead perfect lives not harming anybody and stay in moderation, being careful not to overstep or hurt anybody; which is commendable. When we speak, some are even courteous and careful with their words so not to harm. We all do these things and wonder, why do our fortune in life don’t change?

We seemingly wonder and go astray from our humble thoughts of peace but yet we have not harmed no one or said anything rude or upsetting. Yet still we are misunderstood and misinterpreted. Is there no one listening? We cry out.

These emotions are common, but the biggest shame is the constant doubting we do to attract all these misfortune. If we make any changes for the better, we must learn to change the doubt that plagues almost every mind in the world. This is the biggest killer in mankind’s history; we continuously from time to time go through this phase of not believing something good is going to happen. So end up taking a big step backwards having made several huge steps forward the other day.

A change of an environment or a routine is all that is needed to create positive thoughts in the mind. Or even talking to a friend and sharing ideas and dreams

Change can only happen in somebody’s life when we change the routine that give rise to the same thoughts. Do something different than just sitting there.

Doing the same routine of working and driving to and from work; causes the same routine of thinking. Some have actually become robots without any care or passion for anything; as they have just followed everyone else in doing things without thinking.

We have all heard of the phrase, ‘slave to the job’, when we all have fallen victim to this.

From the time we have, outside work, quality time should be spent that ignite and spark the life back into our lives.  

Yes it is necessary to work to pay the bills and buy food; is it necessary to continually doubt and be miserable afterwards. This is what I am talking about.

Changes can only happen when we believe in the Creator who guides all to do positive things. But He cannot guide you when you are down or feeling hopeless. It is like a blanket or a barrier in front of you and someone is calling out but you cannot hear. Or even covering ones ears and expecting someone to hear you.

Doubt can kill a person from the inside, we all need to work together and respect that some people need a little more time in waking up from this ailment. I pray that this will happen quickly to you all.

Your mother who inspires the readers within.