Session 205 - I’m on My way

21-May 2011

Hello Son,

I’m on My way

The Creator never leaves his children on their own; His compassion is overwhelming with limitless love for everyone.

In everyone lives we have been in difficult emotional upheaval, it is with regret that people are still going through this. But the Creator has never left you by your side.  

We think over and over again that we are by ourselves and there is no one to help us. It was times like these that the Creator carried you on your path and journey of life’s mazes. So do not forsake Him now for it is the time of understanding and make changes.

A person is never alone at any time or minute or second of the day, he is enveloped in Gods attributes. But it is difficult to understand and even to explain why there is so much suffering in people lives, when they are always begging for change.

The Creator has set into motions these current times to make these changes. Yes He is listening wholeheartedly to the many who are praying.  

He has called into action that mankind should wake up from their slumber from the dark evil entities that think they really rule the world. He is asking you to make these historic steps of faith and earn the peace in life you all deserve.

One must make these steps; yes it is you who have got to make these tentative steps.

Do not worry, if it is frightening and make you nervous. But I ask you to believe as you have never believed in your lives before.

Is not change a better thing for everyone?

Are still you still feeling the pain that lives challenges are throwing at you?

Change your lives and move forward, it is not a step back but a big leap into a new world full of love and peace.

I need you all to believe and embrace with your heart all the changes that are going to happen to you all. We are finally going to fly.

So fly with me.

Your mother with deep emotional love for you all.