Session 204 - The Invitation


Hello Son,

The Invitation

Man has finally found the answers and slowly and slowly is achieving the things he has wished for. They are the people who listen and are following guidance from a source or two. It does not matter where you are learning and finding the answers; it is important that you have bothered to seek it out.

If you have been told by someone, it is because you attracted it towards yourselves because the subconscious mind interpreted the confusion and wished for guidance.

It has happened, what are you going to do now?

This is a direct invitation for all of you who are reading this, to learn the knowledge and finally get rid of the things that are forever stressing your lives.

An invitation for change, for a happier life.

But you wonder how do I make these changes? For some it may be difficult due to circumstances that continually cloud their judgement. But I ask for patience and you will definitely be rewarded by the infinite Creator of all living and non living entities, material alike.

You have already made the biggest step in this change; it is called ‘Knowing’. All insights and inner instincts around the world are increasing, if only you knew.

You are finally finding the jigsaw pieces in life and can put them together, because inside you know the inner voice is telling you that it knows.

In life we have not asked questions to ourselves and mistakenly let other people who have little spiritual knowledge guide us. This mistake on occasions has been costly, mentally. Yes people do make mistakes, but at these current times mistakes should not be made.

We all need to open up and open the minds that have been idle for so long. It is a time for making decisions and acting upon them. It is a time to listen to our inner voice of subconsciousness and finding the Heaven on Earth.

Many people all over the world are making good decisions and changing their surroundings, creating new sparks of inspirations for others and themselves.

This is a happy note, advising all to be in the positive and expect, even demand changes to every ones lives. The time has come to step out and make all these changes come true.

When we finally do something different, a new outcome and paradigms opens up in the cosmos for you. This attracts energies to fulfil the wishes and dreams that one’s has in his thoughts.

This is an invitation to wake up and be bold and not to be afraid to except something new than your own beliefs.

Your mother who invites all who wants to learn.