Session 202 - The Void


Hello Son,

The Void

Life can make everybody busy from dawn to dusk. Our hectic routine leaves every person tired and on occasions fed up. Sometimes we ask ourselves, where did all the time go? As though we had wasted doing something we should have done and lost the time to do something worthwhile.

Daily routine of shopping, going to work, entertaining family, keeps all mankind busy.

However, there is always a moment of silence, when we are sitting by ourselves. We feel empty, as though there is a void that cannot be filled. We do not understand why we have this feeling of complete emptiness when we have such a busy lifestyle. How can this be? We ask ourselves again and again; it does not make sense to feel empty inside.

This is the feeling of emptiness when there is no light inside of us. No connection with our higher selves that we can feed this void. The emptiness of being unhappy

It is an uncomfortable emotion and we cannot pin point why we feel this way.

The soul at this point is telling you, without me and your higher consciousness there will be many times in our lives that we feel empty. The only way is to fill this void, is with light and understanding.

With any void there is darkness and chaos of thinking; there is a barrage of negative emotions that fill the mind.

But this can be filled with understanding; this is the filler of any emptiness of any person. It’s special light, a refined quality that comes direct from the infinite Creator of the worlds. This understanding gives us the calmness and strength to tolerate and override any negative emotions.

Fill your void with knowledge, gain the understanding that the soul wants. Do not leave anything empty and then be lost.  

Knowledge gives light in dark places, inside. It is the insight and intuition of the instincts of the soul and the higher consciousness.

Your mother in such a few words, giving wisdom and beauty within.