Session 200 - Thoughts and actions


Hello Son,

Thoughts and actions

Meditation when done regularly focuses the thoughts from its continuous chatter. A person can think clearly and for a prolong moment as his concentration and analysing a problem can be done quickly. When this happens, the higher consciousness is able to aid and give answers.

After the thoughts come, the actions are carried out; this could be anything from a task, to writing something, to working something out.

It is important, when mankind has done all the planning and the thinking that he is immediately given the resources to complete the task from the Creator.

For example, we want to buy a Sofa, we decide on the price, where to get it, how long will it take to get there, what colour and so on. All this planning is granted and we are also given the energy and the drive to buy the Sofa.

It is important to note the behaviour, when we purchase or acquire something we do not tire but are full of energy. This energy is given by the Creator, He charges all the cells in the body and we feel enthusiastic and vibrant.

However, if we do not take advantage of the thoughts and planning, that is do nothing, then the opportunity is lost. On many occasions it cannot be replaced and the time to do or fulfil the task is lost and sometimes may not return again.

Ideas and inspirations come from the higher consciousness as the soul implants pictures and power words into the consciousness. We need to act upon them by evaluating them and reap the benefits.

The soul is constantly encouraging us to think and be active for the benefit of ourselves. It longs for the conscious body to be happy and fulfil all its needs and desires.

Do not let your thoughts and good ideas go to a waste. Carry them through and act upon them.

Your mother ever enlighten and purposeful.