Session 199 - The Energy of Love


Hello Son,

The Energy of Love

We remind you that in the beginning of time when there was no time but God. There was nothing but darkness. But in this darkness there was still order, rhythm and plan.

From the Creative attributes and infinite energy from the lord, He created all things. This energy of creation is His Energy of Love; made from the purest of all attributes, refined to a thread. So pure our material eyes are it will not be able to see anything, even using the most powerful of all microscopes.

This energy of love encompasses all living and non living creations alike. It is the seed, the microcosm, the beginning, the spark, the ignition and starts of life as we know it.

It is through love the Creator made and fashioned all things in all the galaxies and universes from finite to infinity.

It is Resonance that is vibrating again more powerfully. The people around the world are feeling this refined and pure energy in various forms.

This love of light is sacred and is everywhere in the universe. Yet we are not tuned to it and as a result, losing out again and again.

Through the silence we can catch this energy from the beginning of time and use it for our own pleasure.

Do you still favour this world and do not have the time?

Your mother surrounded by the love and energy that encompasses all worlds and nature alike.