Session 198 - When there is nothing but you


Hello Son,

When there is nothing but you

On many occasions of our lives when we are alone, there are times to reflect and settle down and evaluate our lives. These moments are precious, as in the silence away from the going on in the world; we begin to take stock of our memories.

The Creator has purposely laid down these times in every person’s lives regardless of creed or beliefs. We must not let them go to a waste.

These moments are a time of creativity, yes I say again, a time of creativity.

Many people do not commend themselves about their natural talents; for the mighty Creator has bestowed attributes to develop further in this world. So are you still sitting there and not developing them.

Being creative is the same as pleasing God, because you are using His attributes, He too will help you in any venture you take.

There are many ways to be creative and I will leave them up to you. But do not waste these precious moments idling away, as the time will pass.

When we are alone in the silence, the mind can take a rest as you are not doing anything and concentrate on your own thoughts. As it does the mind gives ideas for you through the soul and higher consciousness. It advices you in the form of pictures, power words that appear in the mind suddenly.  

When this happens, we must act upon them, it does not matter if you make a mistake. By doing and acting upon the first thought, you will train yourself, to use this ability. Do not waste the time but expand your own abilities.

For too long you have forgotten that Man’s role in life is to recognise the Creator of all the worlds, and He has left his image in the minds of everyday people. When we begin to use the senses and attributes we begin to understand the roles in life and God himself.  

Do not deny this magnificent pleasure in seeking Him out by ourselves.

A time lost cannot or sometimes will be lost forever in the cosmos of the universe.

Be creative in the mind and in the actions you take; and receive the rewards accordingly.

Your mother fulfilling her divine obligations for you and your pleasure.