Session 197 - Cleansing and Realisation


Hello Son,

Cleansing and Realisation

When a person begins to understand himself he begins to question his life. There is a lot of self questions, and Why? It’s repeated over and over again.

The conscious mind will try to make logic to all is happening and will link with its subconscious to find the answers. When this happens, emotions and old wounds and any buried memories from the past will resurface. Sometimes it can be memory of some years ago.

This is common to all in the world at this time, as so many people begin realising and become awake.

This is the cleansing process to find which is ridding itself with old memories and even grievances of the past.

If we all want to achieve better personalities than before, we must rid of ourselves the memories that are clogging up our memories and the mind.

We must be able to think clearly and respect each other by ridding the thoughts that have tie us down. They act like massive weights holding you down.

A person will not be able to advance very far if he has memories of hate, or immense sorrow in the back of the mind.

When old memories resurface, try to forgive or come to reason. Ask your self is it worth holding on to these grudges of the past between people, is it actually worth it?

Try to move on with your lives and look forward to better memories that keep you positive and move one forward in the path of spirituality.

There will be all sorts of emotions resurfacing, try to deal with them, if it helps sort things out by discussing it with someone. But to forgive is the best approach.

Your mother who too felt all these emotions during her stay on earth.