Session 196 - Perfection of life


Hello Son,

Perfection of life

How can you say, that one’s life has been bliss and full of happiness.
How can you say, that wealth has bought you happiness.

How can you say, I know what I am doing.

How can you say, I have done nothing wrong.

How can you say, I am being guided.

To all of these answers, I give to you.

Without an accurate stable connection with the higher self, who is able to flawless guidance and why each stage of one’s life a certain thing or event has happened.

I answer these statements in order as they appear above.

The Creator on certain times of a person’s life raises people from despair through His mercy and forgiveness. He does this to everyone, regardless of religion or belief. To ponder the times when one was upset. Each event is a moment of reflection.

When a person is soon granted wealth, he has learnt the way wealth can be earned through hard work. Or when suddenly large sums of wealth have been given then, again it is through the mercy of the Creator that He has given this. But to spend it wisely and honestly and to give some to charity and family. However, only the flawless connection with one’s own higher self, you are able to know why. Fools are you who do not make an effort.

How can you know what you are doing? When you do not know what is going to happen tomorrow. Do you know what the colour of the sky is going to be?  The answer is no. This is how hopeless we are without the guidance of the Creator at each event.

How can you say that you have done nothing wrong in your life, when the biggest drawback to the path is denial? We have doubted so many times in one’s life and so many times. Even when people have helped you along yet, you still deny their motives as not been genuine. You say I have not, but I say through your thinking which is flawed. Positive thinking gives positive results through the higher self. The words of the Creator are many and can be explained in many ways. Do not deny the beauty of Gods words. How can you deny and waste time on other things that have not nourished one’s life. Have I not said this before?  

Do not deny the beauty and words of motives of genuine people on this world as there are only a few.

You say you are guided and it is why my life is alright, when you cannot give even one advice given from your lord. If you are truly guided, then tell me the advice the Lord has given you to do. You cannot because you only assume which is full of maybe’s or possibly why answers.

Embrace the words and those who come to you and mean you no harm or ask you nothing but to listen. Embrace yourselves; as it is within the secrets are held.

Your mother is aware of all hidden and secrets of the world and beyond.