Session 195 - Truth and denial


Hello Son,

Truth and denial

When we learn a topic or a subject or even reading something new. It is best to ponder and absorb completely the knowledge contained in each sentence, paragraph or story.

We must point out that knowledge or any type of information is there to be studied and not just simply read and forgotten.

Each word or sentence carry inner inspirational attributes that open up the new wave of thinking; or to put it another way, to redefine or upgrade ones thinking.

One must find the truth behind each sentence or story or topic we are reading.

It is time to think and learn and upgrade our own thinking. If the rest of the world is changing then why should we just stop at one particular knowledge and not seek others?

Note; all types of knowledge good or bad is from God the Creator and Keeper of the infinite pool of wisdom and infinite energy.

When we read something negative or upsetting, it is there for a purpose to guide and warn mankind of the dangers. Wisdom is everywhere to extract and learn and guide.

Except and learn from all the knowledge that is available, because there are many ways that lead to the source and it all depends upon your own point of view.  

But be independent and make your own decisions.

Follow your heart and find this spark that has awakened the millions of people within themselves.

But do not follow age old routines that have not nourished you and have simply not updated any of your ideas; and left questions, unanswered.

But remember if you truly want to learn then you must have a teacher to guide and instruct you.

Man is full of polluted opinions based on suggestions and old stories from the past. He is not capable of making accurate prolonged judgements.

I worry that you will not understand what Shazi is trying to show you or getting you to think for yourself.

Your mother who guides only who listen and respect those who listen with reason and not those who harm others.