Session 194 - Forgotten prayers


Hello Son,

Forgotten prayers

We wander, we ask, we pace and we confuse ourselves, yet we forget to pray.

A prayer is special; it contains a message to the Creator looking for guidance and an answer to ones problems.

A person, who prays a thousand times a year, will not know the answers to his prayer. One has to give time for changes to make place. So praying so many times pleading with the lord for answers will only confuse and disturb one’s own balance.

Each prayers answered should be followed by another and not by another prayer.

The Lord listens to all your prayers and every thought, every emotion is stored and respected and treasured by the universal computer. Nothing is wasted but adds to the energy of the cosmos.

But there are many who have forgotten their prayers, they simply do not pray at all with their heart. Those are the people who they say to themselves, ‘we do not have to, we have everything’, and ‘we are too busy’. Foolish are they, who can think bigger than the lord who is providing all their requirements.

Sit back and ask, and leave the rest to the Lord of the universe to answer. He answers to all, are we awake to listen?  

When we pray for something, we should expect an answer in hope and to stay positive. If you truly are believers, then there should be no doubt; but excitement that the Lord will answer your wish.

But ask, as so many are not.

Have you forgotten your prayers?

Do you enjoy your confusion?

Are you so lost in the world that you cannot ask for anything?

The moment has arrived for happiness to be shared to every corner of the world. The day of elevated heights is fast approaching.

So ask in confidence.

Your mother who still asks the Creator her wishes of fulfilment.