Session 193 - We ‘Awake’ in different ways


Hello Son,

We ‘Awake’ in different ways

To awake we mean we are listening; our senses become tuned to a higher level and there is a harmony between the conscious and subconscious mind. This means that there are exchanges of messages and co operation through both minds.

Sometimes or even on many occasions we are unaware that we are awake in the spiritual sense of the word. Every person becomes awake; and then falls back to ‘sleep’ again; as doubt takes over his thinking and cloud his judgement.

It is important to understand the word and spiritual awakening when we become awake.

There are certain levels of ‘awakeness’, but it is not important to compare or rank them in order, as this will dilute the message which I am telling you.

When a person begins to understand, an explosion of thoughts and ideas begin to chatter his brain; this is the beginning of inspiration from the soul and higher consciousness where the conscious mind has accepted the messages from above. This is the harmony between the minds as mentioned earlier. When we are at this level, our senses becomes heightened such that we begin to look for answers anywhere through signs in nature, a past experience or media and television. At this stage, a person is beginning to believe and is positive throughout as emotions are running wild.

At this stage, if a person asks a question, the laws of nature are compelled to give the answer and there is an instantaneous reaction. Now it is up to the person to listen through his/her senses for the answer. Again this does have to be through normal means, the signs can come in any shape or form. For example, a TV program that a person is watching and suddenly your question is being answered.

This has happened to many people; however it is important to let them happen continuously for a person to be awake in this manner. The Creator gives signs for mankind to accept and carry them out through His love of His creation.

A person can also be awake through the literature he reads and is able to entertain and exercise the messages of inspiration given by the words.  

When we read any piece we become inspired depending on the power of the words and message behind them. Again the mind explodes with excitement and we go through a change that makes us positive and happy.

It is not necessary to channel to be awake only, but there are advantages over some, which I am not going to talk about just yet.

In all three cases of awakening, we can reach higher levels of perception where we are constantly entertaining and engaging our thoughts and carrying them through.

Anybody who reads this message is awake; now increase your awakening through your own desires and inspirations

Take pride in yourself and the answers will come through belief.

It is important to read the next channelling.

Your mother who is excited and overwhelmed on how many are quickly awakening in the extended family.