Session 191 - The truth and the link to the human soul


Hello Son,

The truth and the link to the human soul

Man is the best of all the creations put together and God gave all His attributes to him. We comfortably accept this as all Holy Books have this written down in their scriptures.

Yet a few ever make the effort to find the knowledge and these creative attributes.

The truth lies within.

Man is made of a body and soul, a perfect combination to complement each other; yes a harmony made in the heavens.

The body with its conscious mind to evaluate and maintain itself in this material world.

We must now ask ourselves, where is the truth? The truth is through the soul, accessing the higher consciousness.

From the earlier channelling we have mentioned that all memories of creation are held in the Akashic Records. These contain all of the past, present, future and all knowledge of the cosmos and creation. This can all be yours and be accessed.

We in this world have become so comfortable that we think that we are better off and relaxed. Some are even relaxed with so much wealth that they are blinded to the truth through arrogance. Yet this is all short term.

All the holy scriptures have written, that this world is only a short time to dwell in, compared to the journey of the soul after death for the enlightened ones.

It is also written and mentioned and we are aware of, that when we die we do not take any possessions with us; not a single penny or dime. Yet we know this but we still make little effort to seek the truth.

In these end times are you still going to carry on with your lives and still make no effort?

The truth is the soul.

The soul can teach you the knowledge that will open the rest of the parts of the brain that are not used during conscious. It is this subconsciousness or approximately 90% of the capacity of the brain that houses the knowledge to find and understand the Creator.

Ones and everyone’s target and aspirations are to understand why he was born and for what purpose.

Short but significant; through silence and meditation.

Your mother ever remindful of Man’s destiny.