Session 190 - Logic mind vs Soul higher consciousness


Hello Son,

Logic mind vs Soul higher consciousness

Every person tries to solve their issues through their mind; but how do you know if the person has made the right judgement?

Yes there will be occasions when you will make the right judgement. But some of your own judgements will leave you confused and unsure.

The reason is simple; the attributes and senses we have to use to get by this world is limited, even scientists say that we only use 5% to 8, 9 or 10% of our brains.

We have constantly had to be reminded that to understand ourselves and the Creator’s plan, we have to ask our higher consciousness for the answers. Making this connection avoids the pollution of our own mind and other influences that can easily cloud our judgements.

There is no answer but this; it is vital to make a connection, to alleviate the confusion in so many minds in this time and age.

It is good to be confused, because the mind is working out a solution of your own predicament. It is actually trying to make a connection, if you only knew.

To learn the words and knowledge of the Creator, is not easy and does not come over night. Many hours, students have studied to finally reach what they were seeking.  

Many wrongly assume that it will be easy and will come naturally. But no, learning is about falling down many times and knowing not to give up and get back up immediately.

The higher consciousness has the key to your answers, so look for it.

Many paths

When we go to a place to visit, there are many routes one can take. This analogy is the same when we are seeking God the Creator of all infinite galaxies and knowledge.

If we research further, there are many stories in people lives when they were inspired and found God. It is important that you all read some stories of these people. You will find that everyone by their own way and even by accident, the first encounter took place.  

Yet we naturally assume that there are only a few methods, but no. Have you forgotten that every person is an individual and has his/her own complex of ideas and identity?  

We all think differently and react differently to situations, so it is inevitable that to find the Creator we have our own methods.

Man constantly disputes ideas and theories because he has his own way of doing things. It is why God has given us Free Will to sort things out for ourselves, if we so wish.

To take the first steps, we must know what we are looking for and have a goal.

This intention will stir the energies in the cosmos and hopefully an action will take place. As long as we are vigilant to the signs you will be successful.

Find your own path, read other people’s lives, in how they found happiness and end any confusion. If you are not sure then ask.

Your mother who went through many years of being confused before peace of mind and happiness was achieved.