Session 189 - The heart that calls out your name


Hello Son,

The heart that calls out your name

Far too long people think with their heads and put logic first, as this logic without the higher consciousness is only a hit and miss.

Far too long we have wandered through the mazes in life for something to change yet we cannot use our senses, as we have not made access to our soul.

Far too long we have been misunderstood as we recklessly put things together to patch relationships without the use of the higher consciousness

Far too long we have forgotten the knowledge that was once given by the divine Creator to use for the benefit to live in this world, yet we do not try to discover what was written.

Far too long we have forgotten that there is an incredible infinite knowledge to use any time we wish, yet we are too busy in the goings on in this world. We think that the world and its going on and nothing else.

Far too long we have spent every hour of the day watching the world go buy through a routine devoid of the love of the creator.

Far too long we walk the path that only leads us back where we had started. It seems that every path seems the same result.

Far too long we keep using our logic based on worldly affairs to get us out of trouble. But these affairs do not nourish any parts of the body, but only leave us confused and even more confused.

Far too long the road we are walking on is going again nowhere; we wonder when we are going to wake up. Wonder and wonder endlessly, screaming for changes for things to happen, yet the changes do not happen.

Far too long we share love and do our utmost to be understood yet why do people don’t understand? We mean the best, why do they not understand the love I have?

Far too long I walk the same path yet you still do not understand, yet I am by your side.

Far too long I use my logic again to share my ideas with you yet they mean nothing to you. I keep crying out to make you to understand yet still there is no understanding.

Far too long I do the right things for your pleasure yet they mean nothing and I am still by your side, still wanting your approval.

Far too long I wake up and still do not understand the day will bring me; I am truly blind, I cannot plan a single day of my life without the Creator’s gifts given to me, in speech, words and intellect. I am or will I understand?

Far too long I have forgotten the wisdom given to me when the sacred meeting occurred the moment when I first met my Lord Creator. Why cannot I remember and still I walk blindly?

Far too long there is no inspiration in my life without love and sharing the ideas that I have to someone.

Far too long I still walk down this road yet I still reach the same place when I started.

Far too long I have forgotten to listen to my heart that calls out my name.

Far too long my heart calls out to listen yet I am too busy, with the world that leads nowhere but the same road.

Far too long my heart calls out yet maybe I might listen as I am doing something, that only, if only, maybe only, I know only, I think only will lead me somewhere.

Far too long my heart calls out my name but I still do not listen as I have forgotten to listen. Saying over and over again it is my logic I should be listening to.

Far too long my heart calls out but my ego, my logic says no. This is not true, why do I not understand, have I really forgotten everything?

Far too long I have become arrogant and blind and listen to no one but myself.

Far too long I will change the day and start listening to my heart that cares for me and shares my goals in life.

Far too long that I truly forgot to listen to my heart that guides all who know how to listen.

Far too long my heart calls out to listen and I am beginning to understand where I have gone wrong, as I am beginning to listen to my heart.

Far too long there have been no changes, however I am listening and things are happening because of my heart that called my name. The words keep flooding through. I have stopped crying as my heart is guiding me to help me in waking up to realise that this is a step in life and not a high jump that I might fall down immediately.

Far too long I have suffered for not listening to my heart, yet I have changed and it feels good. I am beginning to forget the things I have messed up.

Far too long I have suffered for not listening to my heart.

Your mother who has waited far too long calling out your name but you are now listening.