Session 188 - When words change destinies


Hello Son,

When words change destinies

In life there are situations that can change events for the worse or even better. Many wars have started from misunderstanding and careless words taken out of context, and even manipulated for benefit of themselves or selfishness. Man is truly selfish and has little compassion for others feelings and emotional state. It is like being the boss, there are many situations in life where glory is so important rather than the message which is more significant. Sometimes or should I say countless times, it is just take, take, take and not enough giving that our souls are ruined by careless actions and unwarranted words said at the wrong time.

Inspirations are from the heart that awakens every part of the body; it is like a kick start that thrusts the body forward into a higher gear.

For example, when we watch a football match, we wait half an hour hoping own team scores a goal. Feeling hopeless and sapped all energy out of our system. The feeling of hopeless is more clear when our team is not going to score, by this time a person is feeling depressed and the emotions are amplified into hopelessness; then suddenly the winning goal is scored. We quickly get up and start celebrating; by this time the body is wide awake and full of energy.

How this is possible when a minute ago the body was feeling depressed and a person was lethargic and depleted.

Situations can change events and emotions at a sudden; the Creators Laws give us this kick start to wake up. It is the mercy of the Lord that many are awakening all around the world. Yet we don’t give thanks to this.

Inspirational speakers have a way with words; they actually do inspire us to do something.  

Every word you are typing are the vocabulary of your own mind. These inspirational words you are typing are coming from your own memory bank and not my own.

Words have subtle and explosive meanings that wake up or dilute a person’s senses. For far too long many people had lost their patience to say something nice to someone.

Mankind’s vocabulary is filled with sarcastic comments and little love expressions. As though towards our friends or families, it gives us an excuse to be rude to them, yet we say confidently, ‘oh it’s okay she is my friend’. This is a common answer to many excuses to be rude that are said in many thousands of schools all around the world.

If a person is going to awaken in these modern spiritual times, then he/she must awaken the kindness and love inside of them. It is like an energy that spreads very quickly and absorbed into our surroundings.

We have all gone to places where we do not feel comfortable or even unwell. We have felt bad vibes inside, as bad energies have filed the atmosphere.

Man must watch carefully the words he chooses to speak. Many people around the world are living in difficult times and we do not know there state of mind. Modern times have produced people with all sorts of pain in their lives.

Words can change destinies and written words too. As people look for inspirations to awaken from events we want to rid ourselves from.  

Words said in haste are often regretted later on; wise words are all we need to bring happiness and togetherness in everyone.

Modern times have also meant thousands and millions of people feeling unwanted and miserable. So many people are misunderstood yet their hearts mean no harm.  

  • Spread cheer rather than destruction.
  • Awaken rather than deform.
  • Love rather than hate.
  • Build rather than destroy.
  • Invite rather than push away.
  • Embrace rather than stop.
  • Hold rather than throw away.
  • Share rather than being selfish.

Is anyone listening and taking note? Many people lives are being held by a single fine thread and many people all want to be loved and be appreciated for what they are. Yes some have got things wrong and will do so many times over. Learn to forgive and do not destroy your own balance. Create the energy that drive people forward and they too will learn from you.

Is anyone still listening to say some kind words to others, or are you going back to the same routine of being destructive?

Spread love and good actions and many people will follow the same principles that the foundations you bring and lay down.

So many people who are lonely and yet they are surrounded with wealth.

We should expect the best in ourselves as words do change destinies.

Your mother who has chosen the words to inspire and give hope to many.