Session 187 - Those who are alive today can effect such a change


Hello Son,

Those who are alive today can effect such a change

The life we are living and our future, is not doom or gloom. With positive outlook we can make significant changes. In fact the Creator desperately wants these changes to take place in everyone.

I have mentioned this earlier; He has listened to the cries of millions of people around the world, who are mentally suffering of various sorts. It is mercy that He has made understanding easier and has allowed access to His universal knowledge than ever before.

Look at me and look at my life style. I barely had knowledge or significant knowledge in the early sixties when I first had children. Then as God revealed Himself through dreams first, then understanding followed. Look at the changes in my life and what a sudden growth and impact I had for the people around me.

This was through the access and the connection made through the higher self.

Let’s make it even easier.

Just believing and spreading kindness, the Creator will inspire everyone who watches his words carefully, walks carefully, does not spread disorder in the land, is charitable, and gives time to others.

These characteristics and there are many, are all part of love inside of man. This is the mercy of the attribute of God.

By just spreading these characteristics we will absorb the light associated with these attributes, whether we understand it or not.

If we make an intention, for example, from now on I am going to change my life and be more positive and more hopeful, and believe, we automatically attract these energise towards us and our life will change for the better. Our thinking will change and we will no longer feel upset, as strength and determination will take its place instead.

We can make little changes that will affect us massively in the future, in our children, lives and all relationships.

It is our positive approach and humility that’s spreads the love attributes around where ever we are. Are you ready to make these changes or are you still trapped into the routines of life?

Your mother who admires the changes in you.