Session 186 - Aimless wandering will give way to understanding


Hello Son,

Aimless wandering will give way to understanding

On many occasions in our lives when we get confused or not sure what direction to take, we become upset. These are the moments when we should reflect on the circumstances and try to find the meaning of the whole scenario.

There are many cases in life when we simply have to stop and think before we make any judgements. Perhaps you are wandering why? It is no big deal. Your higher conscious at this time is plainly telling you, are you sure? Is this necessary? Have you considered the circumstances or consequences?

We have mentioned in the earlier channelling, that it is significant and beneficial to tap into the knowledge of your own higher consciousness; for it knows the needs of the soul and the body and its consequences.

For many, even when we continuously search through the scenarios in our minds over and over again, we’ve actually create meaningful thoughts or prompts that have been given by the higher consciousness. It is endless and necessary chatter of the mind that lead us to the right outcome of any decision making or event. This analysis we and everyone does, is beneficial to understanding how we think and use our minds.

Often we get upset and are unsure what steps to take and we aimlessly wander through our minds looking for a solution. Here it does not matter if we are aware of our higher conscious or not; we inadvertently use our higher conscious. It gives us inspirations by prompting words or even images into our heads to further think the solution through. This happens constantly to everyone and will continually happen. This is the time to think through every step and be positive. The higher conscious will work this out or perhaps it is not the right time to do whatever we are doing.

Positive thinking leads us to positive result and good outcomes. Negative thinking leads to destructive and frustrate events that further the mess we first started. In any case panicking over or over stressing, one will lead many to spread the confusion to others.

The countless searching in the mind is actually beneficial to the connections of both conscious and subconscious minds.  

Stay in the positive lane when we drive down the road to life; and never give up hope. Remember that patience is a virtue as many have quoted this.

Your mother who is aware of the decisions making processes of the mind, positive or negative.