Session 185 - Conquering the mind


Hello Son,

Now that you have had a good rest and completed the other chores, it is necessary to keep on enriching yourself with spiritual knowledge. I am pleased that you have kept reading.

As before you need to select topics for discussion, so that others can read them.

Conquering the mind

Mankind for so long has not really understood his mind; this is because he has not understood his own perception of life. For so long he has wondered from A to B and other paths, thinking this may be the best route; as a result he has become stuck many times in his life. This has caused emotional upheaval and even anger towards the Creator.

Man must realise, as mentioned earlier, that this life in this material world, is a life of learning and accepting the needs and wants of the soul. It is so important to recognise the needs and wants of the mind because they are both connected to each other and work as a team. It is the soul that governs the relationship, as it knows the needs necessary for the growth of the individual along its spiritual path.

The soul too has an objective to connect the consciousness to the subconsciousness. That is to say to create a permanent link with its higher consciousness. We have mentioned this earlier, but the need is greater as the weeks go by, as others have created the link and have conquered their mind.

The soul is our divine guardian angel sent by the Creator to help in any way to make the material world more enjoyable and less stressful. Yet seldom do we believe in this connection. The main reason is so few people have bothered to make this link.

At this current spiritual climate, the Creator has shown mercy and has answered mankind’s prayers of the suffering and emotional stress that almost all are in the world. The Creator has made it easier to create this link with the soul and higher consciousness. Do you actually believe in yourself that this is possible?

If we look around the world, there are many people who are awakening to the truth and listening to themselves. However they do not realise that their soul is advising them.


It is necessary to take advice from people who understand the changes around this current time. It is also necessary that you are responsible from the actions you take from the advice given. It is further necessary that the final judgements you make is taken by your own consciousness.

Mankind for so long has blamed Earth and others for giving the wrong advice, or simply said, ‘it is your fault’. He has not stood up and realised that life is made up of endless probabilities and consequences from action and emotional judgements made. He and only he are responsible for each judgement he has made.

Mankind is an individual with his own emotional state and higher consciousness. For so long he has made judgements that have led to excellent decisions and consequences in his life. It is now again necessary for him to remember this when he walks the path of spiritual awakening and realisation.

Yes listen to advice, but make your own personal decisions.  

Part of Spiritual Awakening is standing up on your own two feet and believing that every decision made is going to work out fine in life. It is this perfumed belief that you have with the Creator, will elevate the sufferings in the mind

I am giving these words to reinforce your own belief and help you understand not to be afraid of making wrong decisions. It is part of life and it’s a learning process.

For so long you have done so well in bringing up families, children and getting along with each other.  

There has been too much bad news lately; so keep hopeful and believe in a happy ending in your life story. This will happen if you only believe whole heartedly.

Be happy and surround yourself with those people who are positive; or make them positive. Share each other’s upsets to help others realise that it is only a bend in the curve of life and not the end of the road.

Your mother who will guide to only those who call her and listen to themselves.