Session 184 - The Power of words


Hello Son,

The Power of words

It is time to be careful what we say and what we do. It is time to be mindful of this.

We all know how easily a person can get upset about something that we have said or have done.

When a person admires a painting in a gallery, he observes it, looking at every detail as possible. He’s mesmerised by the colours of the scenery and real life likeness. Then someone looking at the same painting by your side says it is rubbish. Immediately the uplifting effect we had is suddenly gone. We feel deflated and sometimes puzzled; why did that person not like the painting? It can be hurtful.

Mankind is different, in looks, in emotions, in habits, in the way he dresses. There is a rarity that two people can be identical with the same thoughts and dress sense. Even twins do not think the same.

So we have to respect a person’s opinions and their taste. We have to be reminded of this as we take the first steps in our awakening.  

Do not judge until you have been judged yourselves. This is a common saying full of wisdom and a life time of guidance, in such few words.

All words have energy that can be destructive or soothing to the person listening. It is why when we talk to a love one, we a gentle in the words we choose. Or if we are angry, then we lose control and do not ‘give a dam’ what we say.  

There are times in everyone’s lives that we should not have said something in anger; we wished if only we could roll back the time and start over again.

So be mindful what you say and do, as others will always love you for this.

With so much anarchy, sadness and worries around the world, it is not advisable to spread anything further. Instead spread kindness and love, there is a shortage of this. With so much giving and taking in this world and the emotions that run with this, careful selected words can make a massive impact in our lives.

So be mindful to all who read these words.

Your mother, giving you the words of beauty and power to give you happiness and joy.