Session 183 - Anxiety


Hello Son,


There has been a sudden change in the entire world; emotions are part of this change. We feel as though we are constantly evaluating and been critical of ourselves. This is quite common at this time as the new vibrations flooding the planet are the cause of this.

The Creator wants all of mankind to ‘take stock’ of our lives and truly analyse and reflect on the things we have done in the past and the lessons we have learnt from them.

When we do this, we might get emotional and start crying or sadness will fall over us for a short time. It is important, not to get into this state for too long and start worrying; there is no need.

For example, the mind is a chatter box of thousands and millions of thoughts, do we actually stop and reflect on every thought or worry that comes into our head? The answer is simply, no. We accept that the mind is just thinking, calculating or planning things, we always move on.

When a person is unable to move on and becomes anxious, it is important to take a break and change the atmosphere; meaning, go out and change the emotional environment. Or talk to someone and release the blocked energies.

This is necessary to avoid a built up of emotions that could get worse.

For any extreme emotion, it is also important to find the root of the problem by yourselves. This evaluation will help you in later life’s experiences, if need be, then share the experience with someone who can give you unbiased advice.

This type of emotion has several spiritual significances and it is sometimes difficult to accurately suggest the right move, without consultation. However, consider this case;

There is an intense desire to make a link with the higher consciousness. The person is so involved in this type of thinking; he becomes restless and cannot see a way out of his predicament. This is an attractive emotion that everyone goes through in the search of seeking the truth.  

We have all gone through this, and worriedly paced up and down in our mind, searching for answers. God never forsakes the people who speak the truth and spend their lives making wise choices.  

You are special, and believe in this as you walk down the road. I say this again, you are special.

The Creator will embrace you and smother His love until we understand that it was only an emotion which was necessary that we go through, in the road of living in this material world. When we look back on this period, you will be proud that you were able to go through and past the test at that time.

I too embrace you.

Your mother; who like everyone else broke down and lifted herself up and recovered enough to carry on, and triumphed, as you will too.