Session 182 - Surrendering to the will of God


Hello Son,

Surrendering to the will of God

When a teacher, teaches a lesson, the pupil surrenders himself and accepts that the teacher knows more than him. He completely surrenders himself, as all his senses become dormant in the sense that he will stop making any decisions and adding his own input to anything. Instead, he adopts to the teachers ideas and begins to think accordingly; then he is able to move forward and is able to adopt these ideas to work out the puzzles or methods to learn the lesson being taught.

This was an example of surrendering yourself to a superior being, in this case the Creator, and accepting his knowledge that he is the Ultimate Keeper of all spiritual wisdom.

To be successful, one must truly let go of oneself; to let go of your own opinions and of someone’s own ideas and theories. If he is not able to do this, then his ego will conflict with his own ideas and this will distort the true meaning of the enlightened message.  

In this world, to truly accept your own faith no matter what religion you follow, it’s to give into the will of God. All religions have the same system of belief.

Then, if we surrender to God, success will soon follow. However, many have said they have, yet they do not become successful and become disillusioned. They have fooled themselves by saying they have let go and are following the beliefs of their religion. Many still are unhappy and still go round in circles, in the maze of life’s problems and mixed emotions

A person, who surrenders to the Creator, is happier, as he knows he is guided and protected by his angels. The Creator sends His blessing to embrace that person. He becomes enveloped and embraced by the love and mercy attributes of the Creator. If the person is aware or not, these blessing are sent to everyone who surrenders himself.

Now the next step, is to take action; this means to make a connection that is permanent. It is no good surrendering then doubting and believing, and again being confused. The person must be positive and accept Earth’s mixed emotional challenges.

This material world throws all sorts of difficulties as the person can be hardened and bitter at times; it is at these moments that the person surrenders to the will of the Creator, or does he turns round and shouts and screams and suddenly becomes destructive? It is quite common for a person to behave like this as it is accepted by most people.  

To explode with emotions that border the extremes is to ignore the beliefs of want you base your own beliefs on. Then we need to ask ourselves, have we truly surrendered to the One.

A person, who surrenders himself, is calmer and peaceful. His emotions are controlled and not on the border of arrogance. His higher consciousness has made a connection and is filled with the energies of the Creator that are feeding and nourishing his needs. This is best described, as the person who is floating and swimming in the lake of ‘knowing’ with its perfected manifestations of light.

Your mother; who is aware of the needs of the many.