Session 181 - Mind and its frequencies


Hello Son,

Mind and its frequencies.

In life we are consciously aware that some people are cleverer than others. There are many examples in life and on TV of gifted and intelligent people.

What is intelligence and why is there such a difference from one person to another? A question we should be asking ourselves. This is complex but also simple to answer, depending on the depth of the person seeking the spiritual truth.

The Creator’s attribute ‘knowing’ is prevalent and is an active component in this manifestation. It is the knowing part that opens up the cells of the DNA in the brain.   

From the earlier channelling, all knowledge is contained in the cells of the body and this can be accesses as we become aware of them. The Law of Free Will is active in this component of awareness.  

If a person is not aware of a mailbox and he does not know even what it looks like, he is literally ignorant to this. This means that the concept of the mailbox does not exist in his mind. However, as soon as the person becomes aware of its existence, then he sees them everywhere in every street. It is just like learning the Highway Code, once you have learnt to recognise the signs; you become aware and see them on the roads. Before, it was completely out of your mind.

A person wanting to increase his intelligence and awareness firstly, must read or acquire the knowledge of its surroundings. This opens up the ‘awareness’ and ‘knowing’ attributes as parts of the brain become active. It is like opening up a secret chest. To find out more about a topic he must learn to be silence and think to release the information to the person’s consciousness. The more we think, the more we develop the knowledge we want to seek.

An inactive person who seldom uses his brain and slouches over the sofa all day long, his mind frequencies will obviously be low and many will be inactive.  

A person in life must have some kind of interests that makes him suddenly excited or makes him get up and do something immediately. It is these interests that gives us a boost of energy and make the mind suddenly jump up and be awake. We all have had this feeling many times in our lives.

Increase your awareness and intelligence by reading other fields or topics other than spirituality. As more parts of the brain will open up.  

The frequencies in the mind will increase each time we acquire any type of knowledge. By just reading something and pondering over the meanings, we acquire the knowing aspects from the attribute of the Creator. It is important that we stay away from interests that make us feel tired or sluggish, as they simply drain the body of all the positive energies.

Your mother forever aware and mindful of all the family members and their needs.