Session 180 - The Awakening


Hello Son,

The Awakening

To promote good practice and in the path of awakening of the higher consciousness of the mind; several careful steps have to be made.

The intention and having a goal should be in the back of the mind, and visited or revised each time. Next are faith and positive attitude and the belief of success. It’s no point thinking doom or gloom or it is too intensive for me. Once you start you have to be committed.

Reading “YA HAYU YA QAYUM”, will lead to independence and invite the vibrations into the body to enhance every aspect of a person’s life. This must be read as many times as possible; eating, drinking or even driving. Shazi has been reading this for fifteen years regularly. It is a unique recital that will charge up the necessary parts of the brain and lead you to the correct path.

Meditating regularly at the same time, not sometimes at this time or that, but a fixed time down to the minute. This is a discipline that is required for spiritual development. But remember this must not be a burden, but enjoy it. Feel the pleasure in doing so. Doing meditation in groups, raises the vibrations of the surrounding and more is achieved, as the positive energies multiply more rapidly. Do group meditation as least once a week.

Now personal development must include background reading and mediation at the same time. Remember the goal is to create a link with your higher conscious; this has always been mankind’s goal in life. This is what we call Salaat as mentioned in the Quran.

As you go about doing this regularly, peace will encompass the mind and the brain will automatically declutter the chatter in your thoughts.

People often have weak memories because in their lives they are so busy or constantly thinking about unnecessary things. Also the stress that everyone is in at this moment of time does not help. Lighten your burden and let go of things and silly robotic routines that do not nourish the brain but leave it exhausted.

Everyone who is reading these words needs to carry out these instructions before they can progress further.

Remember I am watching over you and by your side.

Keep reading Shazi’s channelling and adopt good habits in life.

Your mother, who awakens the consciousness of man.