Session 179 - Elevate my soul

Hello Son,
Elevate my soul
The higher consciousness has a link with the soul and the infinite Creator; every second of the day he sends messages or inspires us through thought to do or take certain steps to make progress. This is the mercy of the Creator because he knows what is best for that person and acts accordingly.
The material world we live in is like a veil at times that covers our thinking as there is so much going on that the mind cannot think straight. Every minute of the day we have always got to do something or we have to remind ourselves to do this or that. The material world is full to the brim of things to do or going to do or even I must have this. The mind itself is churning away, chattering and analysing what to do.
However, thoughts come into the mind that we feel guilty about something or we should be doing more. Well the conscious is telling you that is the case. It has a desire to communicate with you and help you live your life in peace and with as little stress as possible. It is frustrated that it cannot make that link, because we are not fully aware of this and again we are too busy.
The higher conscious is like a friend, a trusted friend who knows best for that person, as he is assigned to you. He is learning to make that complete uninterrupted connection to help you in any path in life.
Meditation and silencing the mind is the start, but listening to your self will develop the concentration needed to further progress in this matter.
So elevate the soul to success.
Your mother, who together with Shazi has made this connection permanent, by the exercises and patience through suffering.