Session 178 - Success and failure


Hello Son,

Success and failure

The Law of Karma or Law of Cause and Effect, works on the principles of effort by the individual in work or any part of materialistic duties.

When a person makes a dedicated effort, the vibrations around the environment change, in favour of that person. Simply he becomes noticed as the praise is coming from the Creator first for his dedication. It does not matter what type of work it is, it might even be looking after and tending the garden.

Promotion is based around the same principles of this law for progressing into any job. But there are certain circumstances that can change these vibrations by thinking negatively or being rude and insolent at work and having an ego that upsets others.

Any achievement is about being noticed and credited for the work a person has done. It is sometimes sad that people have to be reminded that a person has achieved and worked extremely hard for a company to be noticed. You must make sure any person seeking promotion is to be in the eyes of your superiors and get the credit you deserve.

The creator always rewards man for striving hard in his work or whatever job he is doing. You must have that intention and the target on what you want to be. Keep the thought in your mind and even imagine and think through that you have the promotion. The Law of Attraction will manifest these images and come into action. It is all up to you, leave the rest to God, as he knows what is best for you at this time.

Your mother; in the wisdom of the Laws of the Universe.