Session 177 - Expand your mind - Part 2


Hello Son,

Expand your mind - Part 2

The words of the creator are infinite and nourishing to the soul and the body.

To learn the words and the secrets of the soul and the Creator; is to find the path that everyone has been searching for.

Have you ever wondered what your goal in life is or why did God create me for? The answer is to find the Creator in this dimension and material world. To do this we have to search within ourselves from the norm. Again we have to expand our minds and the way we think to incorporate Him, the Creator.

Every action deserves His praise; it is the only way to achieve success.

The timetable and routine of man does not leave any time to develop our thinking and knowledge of spirituality. I say destroy your timetable before the frequencies and ascension time is over. It is the right time;

  • To learn,
  • To spread humility,
  • To praise each other,
  • To love,
  • To be kind,
  • To embrace,
  • To work together,
  • To help one another,
  • To spread happiness and cheer.

Can anybody spare an hour or two to learn or am I asking too much. If we are able to spend twenty years in education to get a degree, are you willing to spend an hour or two for a degree in Gods knowledge?

The achievement does not come overnight, but the time is right as again the Creator is sponsoring us.

Put your work to one side and unclutter the mind and leave it free. The mind will celebrate with you; as after many years you have released the stress you have put it under. Do you actually favour been overworked to the peacefulness and calmness of doing meditation. There is no comparison, life as we know it is stressful enough, so don’t put extra strain on yourself.

When we are younger a person can work more than a person who is older. However the stress is the same, the soul goes into a trauma state sometimes in shock. The mind is unable to think straight as there are so many calculations and judgement or actions the mind has to do. Why put it under so much strain in the first place.