Session 176 - Expand your mind - Part 1


Hello Son,

Expand your mind

Often man strives for success in every field he enters, which is a commendable thing; but often he forgets his roots and his own foundation.

What this means is are you qualified to do the job you have applied for, or are you kidding yourself that you can do this.

Imagine, teaching a 5yr old child degree level maths and are puzzled that he does not understand what you are teaching him; as he does not have the comprehension skills to complete any questions you give him.

In spiritually, as you are all beginning this path, patience is required before any achievement can be made. However, there is a quicker path and that is to build up the foundation in reading and researching yourself. By reading the Quran for example, a new understanding is created which is a new vibration or light enters the mind. This is a tolerance, an attribute of God, a new awareness, an awakening of the topic you have been reading. This new knowledge you have required, gives an explosion of thoughts and ideas into the mind. We actually open a window of opportunity of learning and understanding; that we can expand and add our own interpretation and further learning if we wish from the infinite Creator.

We must all start studying, whatever your interests are immediately, and destroy the routine that has made man a slave and blinded for many years.

I will say this over and over again, you are in a glorious age for learning as the Creator has expanded and awakened millions of minds around the world to make these steps. He is actually calling everyone, are we listening.

To expand the mind, and be successful, is to research the field you are interested in and always put the name of God into every thought and idea; as he is the one who is sponsoring us. Then leave every judgement and action to him as he knows what is best at this moment of time.

Do not pack your day, and find that you are tired and feeling sluggish and are not able to do anything to the best of your ability. God has given recreation time for a purpose to enjoy the fruits of the world and the families he has given you all.

Be happy and think carefully any action that you take, but always leave time for the Creator, in reading or Salaat. Do not forget him.

Your mother, the love to you all, and the tears of joy as I give you the beauty of the words of the mighty Creator.