Session 175 - What can I personally do to better myself and help those around me?


Hello Son,

This is a question from one of your readers.
What can I personally do to better myself and help those around me?

For several years you have grown to question the things around you and the foundation of beliefs; which is excellent on your behalf.

To do better is to serve the people around you; remember you are a wife and a mother. Your influence around the family is immense, if you only knew inside. It is time to change and make a difference in their lives by slowly teaching your own beliefs and that of the channelling.

For your children, teach them the stories of the prophets as told in the Quran and develop there own ideas and get then to ask questions. These stories are there for a purpose; within great despair in ones live there is also hope and a happy ending. It is through deep soul searching and struggle man always achieves his goal. Second thing is to develop their artistic abilities in art, music or flower arranging. In other words they are able to develop the parts of the brain that are less used than normal. Even decorating there own room to their own taste is being creative; encourage them as much as you can.

For your husband, get him to slowly read the channelling done by Shazi; it is important to introduce the family and their spiritual histories before you do this. When you got married, Shazi had a dream that he told me, that because of your marriage seven Muslims will be born. This means that believers with true faith will come out of this marriage. And remember to serve him with all your heart and love.

For your self, every night before you go to bed read Darood Sharif as many times as possible, until you fall asleep. Every morning get up early and do meditation or in the evening if it’s convenient. But to improve yourself sacrifices have to be made.

By reading Darood Sharif the brain and the higher consciousness will be charged up to replace the energies lost during the day. For a whole month I want you to record all your dreams, send them to Shazi for interpreting every week. Do this dutifully and any strange experiences you have. It is time for you to truly wake up and see the world in Gods eyes. At the same time do some reading, spiritual books are positive and will encourage more positive ideas. You can keep reading Shazi’s channelling and my own translations, together with the current new age books around the stores. This must be done daily without excuses; it is about making time within your own timetable. The more you spend time doing all these things time will stretch and will be favourable to you. In the beginning it will seem how you can do these things, spending time with the family and do all the reading; but no, time will favour you and it will be compensated.

When you start this program, many questions will come into your mind; write them down and email to Shazi to explain and give advice, he is the first contact in all cases and has my authority.

Remember to do all these things and be happy and enjoy the experiences that you will go through. These will open up all the attributes inside you, these are refined qualities.

Your aunty, wishing you the most love and enjoyment; through these beautiful and exciting times.