Session 174 - Time for change


Hello Son,

You have two weeks holidays which are coming soon; this is the time to catch up the time lost and research from my translations.

Try also to meditate differently, and more frequently, perhaps three times a day. As this will fully open your mind and tune the frequencies and connection. It is important that the time used is beneficial and little time is lost doing unnecessary things.

Time for change

I mentioned this earlier; there must be a conscious awakening and making the first steps to change the routine of oneself. Far too long mankind has been working like a robot and not thinking consciously why he is working other than besides money. Because we have been sucked into the routine of everybody on the planet and the old cliché ‘we have to’ or ‘we will go hungry’. We must remember that it is God who provides us with the necessary provisions, from oxygen, food, shelter and clothing.

All of us need to change our thinking away from materialistic things like we must have this or that, to peace of mind and that it is God who provides and we are working for his pleasure.

Seldom does a person keep the creator in his mind for an hour or even two. We simply forget from time to time that he actually exists. In other words God the infinite creator is a part time thought and we only ask for help when it is needed. This is simply not good enough; the change to be made is the conscious mind who is chattering away about the things we are going to do or about to do. The mind keeps chattering away.

The change everyone has to make is to silence this chattering mind and the need to focus away from the interruptions of worldly affairs. We need to meditate at least once a day; to train the mind to focus, before we can move on to other spiritual learning.

The routine I have mentioned in my earlier channelling needs to include the meditation exercises. This will help the mind to connect to its higher self.

I want everyone to make an effort to do so as well as reading the translations and Shazi’s work regularly; make this a priority and leave the rest as second on the list.

Your mother who is guiding the awakening in all of mankind.