Session 173 - What is Love?


What is Love?

There are many types of love definitions depending upon the person and his own upbringing. The western world if we use this as an example has an immense love for animals, if we ignore relationships at this time. They spend so much of there time and resources on caring and bonding with their animals. This relationship with animals brings out the attributes of the word and its manifestations. It is absorbed into the perception of the person giving love.

Mankind in this world was sent down to experience all the attributes of the manifestations of Gods names. These names of God are like condensed energies waiting to be opened by the correct signal key.

So love has many forms and emotions from intense to controlled respect, they are many manifestations.

The question is really, what does God want mankind to know about this manifestation. Real and spiritual love not materialistic is having the link with the creator. This has to be the desire for everyone on this planet on this sacred time. He actually wants the respect and thankfulness he deserves for the millions and millions of creations all around the galaxies. His mind and thought is infinite and he does not use his ultimate power in anger; if he did there would be no planet left in the cosmos.

Love is making a connection with God and creating a relationship that nourishes the person by receiving divine knowledge. This knowledge activates the knowing aspect of the manifestation, leading to the high positive energy related to peacefulness. This leads to the person to be content and happy.

The higher consciousness inspires us every second of the day, by giving signals or telling us directly what to do or not to do. However, many are not able to receive these messages as they have not made a link with their soul. So we spend most of our adult lives making hit and miss judgements and actions. Some lead to good results, others we have to try again.

The soul then goes into stress, imagine if you are talking to your partner and he does not respond. Now imagine talking to your partner for years and years and get no response; wouldn’t you be stressed out, it is enough to drive anybody mad.

I want to go back to there earliest memories when parents and elders used to say, do everything in life to please God. They also added, to create the love and link with God. Keep in mind we have the right for a reward from him, so keep this reward private as you wish.

Shazi, asked for two things this year, the outcome he left to God. He was open minded and the thought behind the prayer was, ‘you know what is best for me’. This was the correct way to ask, because it was not selfish or being greedy, but humility.
This channeling is dedicated to Shazi’s cousin, for igniting the spark in Shazi from her email.

Your mother; full of love and appreciation to all of you.