Session 172 - What is happening to the Muslim African countries


Hello Son,

What is happening to the Muslim African countries? (From Baji)

In February, there was an increase of energies flooding the planet; this is part of the ascension process. This vibration triggered a massive awakening or realization among the masses all around the world.

This energy awakened the preceptors in the brain that were lying dormant for many years. It is best described as sitting in a maths lesson and not understanding the maths being taught. Imagine you were the pupil sitting blindly and not understanding what is going on; then suddenly you finally understand and are able to progress forward and even make up you own questions.

Let’s consider another example, for a long time a person does the same job for many years, does not even realistically think why he is doing it except for money. He comes in every day and does the same routine without questioning his rights or moral feelings. This is quite common in Muslim countries to ‘do as their told’ or ‘you must be grateful that you have a job’. This type of thinking together with ‘everything is from God’ is common in most individuals around the world.

What has happened now is that the frequencies that have opened up the preceptors have increased the ‘knowing’ and ‘realization’ parts of the brain. People are becoming wiser and their innocence is fading; they are not that naive any more.

The Muslim world is going through its own mass awakening, and people reacting as they know how. This awakening is happening to both types of people, that is the positive and the negative, depending on how positive or negative they are.

We all react differently to certain situations depending on how we have been brought up. There are many who will never demonstrate or shout or scream about their rights. What has happened is people are coming to the streets because they know to a certain amount that they have been cheated upon for most of their lives. Ask yourself, why are the presidents and kings of the Muslim countries worth billions and yet there are people who are scraping for a living.

This is the truth, as many have suppressed their feelings and are finally voicing their opinions as they know how. They have been cheated upon, there is no doubt.

People awake spiritually and they do many things. A person who has been brought up around a religious background, will further his development by researching his religion or meditating, as Shazi has done. Or he can go out and voice his anger and demonstrate peacefully or destructively.

This awakening is happening to everybody right now depending upon how awake people are at this time, as how many vibrations have been absorbed into the mind and body. There is a certain percentage of awakening depending upon the person.

There is a need for the Muslim world to face reality and be strong and not be muscled down by the western world. The the west are genuinely scared because they do not have control any more; as daily situations are changing all the time. They enjoyed it as the Muslim world was termed ‘asleep’ and they easily ruled them. Times have now changed as the creator is waking up to the truths and there will be many that will turn to spiritual guidance for help. This is the right time to help Shazi in making a website for Muslims around the world to help in their awakening.

I hope this has answered your question, now you have to wake up too, and realize your own life, and where it is heading. Are you prepared to make these changes?

Your mother; divine knowledge from the infinite creator, who has given permission to Shazi to advise and guide the family. Trust him and he will show you the truth of all knowledge. He is the keeper of my knowledge.