Session 171 - What to tell children


Hello Son,

A question from your cousin.

“Have you got any recommendations of material I can read for my son?”

Cousin at this current, there is emotional energy flooding the earth. These vibrations are the time to take account and analyze through understanding our lives right now. This is necessary for the planet and for your own ascension right now.

The emotions and tears is the cleansing process of the soul, which is necessary to rid itself of the deep hidden suffering/worries/guilt inside the mind. This is happening to thousands of people around the world, and this is beautiful. It is like a perfume with the most incredible smell of delight, so my sons do not worry, these changes are necessary.

For your son:

Tell him that the planet is changing into the most beautiful garden imagineable. This garden is going to have wonderful waterfalls, flowers, bushes and trees. It is giving off beautiful smells every where you go. Did you know that the planet too is alive, when you go to any plant or tree, it can read your thoughts. If you tell the flower at the back of the garden, that it looks beautiful. The flower can understand what you are saying. Try to touch and say hello to all the plants in the garden. Because they are alive; but we have lost the language to understand them. But you can learn very quickly, if we silence the mind and start listening.

You need to buy a plant of his choice to look after, let him take care of it, even talk to it. It is important to respect nature and all its surroundings and show him the beauty of the world of nature.

Tell him that the world is linked with families who care for each other. And he has a special uncle who is wise and wants to talk to you, whose heart is full with love and kindness.

It is time to bring the family out and start communicating with other members. He must know that he has many cousins who are all eager to meet him.

Your son is inquisitive and wants to learn. He can do so by talking to everybody in the extended family. Every person in the family is special and has wise words to share with each other. As nearly every person is aware of these times of changes.
Cousin, your wife too is part of the family so start reading Shazi’s channeling to her. First introduce myself and then Shazi and most importantly, the love he has for all the family. His love is like no other.

I am so glad that you have learnt so much in such a short space of time.

Let the tears flow because the scent of success is the most wonderful perfume of all.

Your aunty; of knowledge and guidance.