Session 170 - Changes going to happen within the next few years?


Hello Son,

A question from your Aunty.

You have asked a question: “Shazi would you please specify the changes that are going to happen within the next few years?”
There are several changes right now and these changes are both personal and planetary. I will explain; we have just come to an end of a twenty five thousand year cycle of change. If we look back even a thousand years, man was only primitive compared to current times. Look at man right now and his mental capacity; he is so advanced and intelligent. This is the reason that mans consciousness and his ability to understand has increased. The reason why is, only twenty years ago there was a massive influx of light from the infinite creator that has flooded the earth. Why has he done this, to accelerate the speed of the mind and increase the vibration to closely match that of our higher consciousness which is the soul.
The creator has answered the prayers of millions of people who are trapped and so desperately unhappy in their lives. There is so much unhappiness; he has intervened to end the suffering all around the world.
In February this year there was another increase in energy to awaken the masses of people all around the world who are truly listening and have not polluted themselves. For they are the people who the next few yeas will be able to enrich their lives and truly understand their role in life as set by the creator. This is to understand God, and to do this is to understand ourselves and search in our hearts for the truth. It is the truth that will lead us to God, the infinite pool of knowledge.
When we learn we actually digest the vibrational light or “roashnee” inside of us. This is like increasing the tolerance inside our bodies. God is trillions times powerful than man, to be closer to him, we must learn the spiritual knowledge and understand the messages given in these wonderful writings given by the prophets. We must also live our lives in truth, and surround ourselves with positivity, thankfulness, and the duties of being a mother, grandmother, or spreading love and kindness.
The change to the planet is also happening, as we are linked with mother earths vibrations too. It is like a massive energy centre that provides us nourishment.  It has become so polluted it too wants to go back to its pride and glory of millions and millions of years ago; when once the world was a beautiful garden full with overflowing flowers, bushes and trees. It has permission from the creator to make these changes.

What does this mean to the current times right now? We are living in a period of immense changes in every single field of consciousness. We are evolving, if you like, into a master race, this cycle has already started. We will soon increase our intellect, understanding and tolerance. This is ascension,

However, for those who do not believe, are cruel, are negative, are heartless, they do not fill the model of the new earth. As there vibrations are so low that the planet will reject them. For them it is simply the end of the world.

The next two years are going to be also a struggle, as there are going to be hardships for many but those who believe and are tolerant will triumph. It is a time to be patient and support each other.

Unfortunately, there are going to be many earthquakes and natural disasters as the population around the world is decreasing.

I do not want to worry you but these changes are necessary for the ascension of mankind into a fifth density. At present we are at the third.

I have channeled this message through my higher consciousness which is connected to the soul, which has access to the infinite creator God, through my mother. Who is inspecting every word that I write. Who is instructing me now that it is time to end this channeling and it is enough at this time.

I hope this has been useful.

Your mother, who is filled with love and joy that through Shazi, the family is communicating again.