Session 168 - Population decline!


Hello Son,

It is time to investigate new reading material including my translated channelling. You have run out of topics to discuss, so the easiest way is to go back and to develop the routine of intense reading.

You must remember, all knowledge is already inside of you. However you must know which draw to pull out inside the mind. Once the topic is clear the mind will release this information for you to read.

Imagine a massive store house full of draws from the floor to the ceiling. When you see such a big place full of draws it is impossible for a person to find anything.

Once something comes into your attention than this draw will start flashing and the connection with the mind will be made. It is like someone knocking on the door, constantly eager to come in.

To seek new knowledge you must know what you are seeking. Once this is known the learning can begin.

Population decline!

Around the world in every species man, beast, material, plants and all other creations, the population is declining. This is to make way for other souls to enter the world to make way for ascension.

Every living thing is aware of this and is eager to follow mother earth in this process. However, there is a huge population growth in all areas around the world as medicine and good hygiene has increased the age of living.

There are far too many on the otherhand that are not suitable for harvesting and no matter what, they will not change. As mentioned earlier will need to go, as they do not fit the criteria.

Only certain frequencies will be able to tolerate the new ones coming to the earth. Do not confuse yourself with the natural process of birth and death; this does not have any bearing on this.

Where there is a huge loss of lives or as you read fishes, than this is a warning. It is the end of their world for those places. This is a message from the creator that there is need of change and must be done immediately.

Your mother, who is inspiring you every second of the day.