Session 167 - Time table


Hello Son,

A time table for your cousin,

I am so proud of you on how committed you have been since you own personal awakening. I am also proud of you in that you have been active ever since.

The knowledge you have amassed by constantly reading is going to lead you to truth of all truths. However, there is a level which has to be achieved, to open up the mind to receive information.

I can sense that you want to be like Shazi and start channeling your self. This can be achieved but it will take some time and patience.

A time you are asking is up to you, as you have small children, you must first fulfil your duties as a husband and as a father; than and only than you can spend time on spiritual techniques or muraqba.

You need to spend more time with Shazi, simply picking his brain. He is surrounded with positive energy and it will pass on to you. His vibrations are like an energy field. Once you get close to him, his field will automatically feed you with positive energy.

Secondly, at least once a week, regularly meditate with him at his house.

I admire you that at such a late time you come to visit.

Ask him what does he truly wants? The reason why I asked is because you must know deep inside what you are searching for. Energies at the current moment are turbulent; meaning they are souls searching. These energies are telling the mind to seek and find yourself. Do not worry it is the same for everybody.

How committed are you? And will you be able to stick with the timetable?

5.30am - Wake up and read tasbeh, this is to wake up and tune the frequencies. It is like charging yourself up. This tasbeh is for your own self, so you decide, otherwise Shazi will give it to you.

6.00am - Do muraqba, this is of the heart and seek inside instead of outside. As you know already.

Try to do this for 30mins and increase to 45mins and then an hour.

7.30am - Go to work.


Spend time with family until 9.00pm

Repeat morning schedule; however do some reading if you can in between.

It is important to understand, not to be a slave to this. There will be times that you will not be able to stick with this routine, as it is impossible. Do not feel guilty.

It is important that you stay positive and enjoy the whole experience.

Shazi will give you the rest of the advice.

Stay with him and he will guide you, he speaks my words, with or without channeling, he has my authority.

Once again I am proud of you and I can see the shining light inside growing all the time; so keep at it.

Your aunty; with light and happiness, who will forever watch over you; the good times and the bad.