Session 166 - The silence of the mind


Hello Son,

I admire your determination and appetite for learning, keep tuning into me.

The planet emits a third density vibrational frequency, which is a turbulent zone to live in. It is full of duality spectrum that is good and bad, sadness and happiness. It is a difficult planet to live as there are so many ups and downs in everyone’s life as each day cannot be predicted.

Our lives are full of chores and business routines, which is difficult to settle ourselves down to relax and take a moment of rest. Our minds are constantly chatting away, calculating, working, and thinking and so on. Just to silence the mind, be peaceful and to take a break is difficult for most people.

But beyond the silence, is a void which is full of secrets and wonder. The silence is a gateway to the hall of records kept in the Akashic records which contains the knowledge that man is desperate to seek. The silence is the key to open the lock to all secrets.

Our memories and past memories are kept there waiting to be read, if we can only silence the mind. You are typing away merrily because you know how to silence the mind and listen. The keys are opening the gates and revealing the knowledge to you, well done for achieving this.

This material world has only the secrets of the material aspects of life which is non lasting. Everything that exists is perishable; it decays away or falls apart. However, God's knowledge is infinite and nourishing to the reader who is tuned to it.

How many times you have channelled with me when you were tired in the beginning then suddenly, the energy flooded inside you, and you no longer felt tired. The energy of the Creator is feeding you, and is reviving every cell in your body for a certain time, until the connection is broken or the channelling is stopped.

So many people through channelling and meditation have experienced these phenomena but only a few are reading or downloading the secrets of spiritual knowledge.

The secret is to silence the mind, to open up the door, to download the information on the selected topic to be discussed or shared. This is the only way to achieve this. Once it begins to download, the mind that acts as a translator will help in the translation. We need practice to silence the mind from its continuing chatter of non-meaningful and unwarranted words.

Practice and practice, is the key to all success. Preparation is another key to success.

Your mother; who is proud that you have learnt to silence the mind, at the correct time, to learn the secrets of the Creator.