Session 165 - Why did God send prophets and then suddenly stop?


Hello Son,

The easiest answer which everyone is aware of is to spread and remind man that there is a superior being that is overseeing every second of the day. Creation is not simply by chance or an accident, but an ordered arrangement which minutely came into existence. In this creation, nothing was left out. God, the Almighty Creator comprising of infinite knowledge, planned every soul’s future, past and present lives.

All the prophets had to first require the frequencies and to tune to the Almighty. Once they achieved this, they practiced further to enhance their own vibrations, to tap into the infinite pool of knowledge. Depending on the weight and significance of the message, it gave each prophet a rank among the cosmos elite.

The prophet Abraham was Gods favourite, as he was the father of all the prophets. Then the next six of equal rank are the prophets, Mohammed, Jesus, Noah, Moses, David and Joseph.

I will try to answer your question but it is important to discuss something else first.

The prophets all received a particular type of knowledge, as I did. This knowledge is levels of ranking in the eyes of the Creator and a merit of achievement.  

Let me give you an example, a person who has studied up to, GCSE level, is lower than a person who has studied up to ‘A’ level. Hence, we can go further up to Degree, Masters Degree, Master of Philosophy then PhD. They are all merits of achievements in education which the world all recognises. The prophets are all levels of achievements a person can achieve if he focuses and is tuned to the Almighty, Creator.
Many years ago, the frequencies available in the world were very low and mankind's consciousness was slow and advances in technology were almost nonexistent. But during the last twenty years, the vibrations have increased again and again. God has opened up his knowledge to all who are listening and of compassionate character. He is not prejudiced between races; it is opened up to everybody without any discrimination. The prophets are the targets of achievements what mankind should be aiming for. As I achieved this level too and was able to meet them all in person. It was a great honour to walk and talk with them and they too provided me with knowledge.

I am going to say it again and again; this is the age of learning and achieving spiritual knowledge as the gates are open to learn. Does anybody want to learn or are you going to carry on with your ordinary robotic routine of amassing wealth. When we die, we are not going to take any of our possessions with us; is there anybody still listening and reading these words to understand what I am saying? Change your routine to tuning into the voice of the higher self that will teach you the Divine Knowledge.

The essence of life is to reach the levels of the prophets and we can do this, everyone can, if they silence their minds and listen to their hearts.

The prophets are keepers of a particular sacred knowledge and are willing to share it to the right person. They are eager to share this with anyone with the same character and humility.  

Perhaps you, the reader, are thinking it is impossible for me to be that person, I say no, stand up and declare to God that I am that person and I am willing to learn. The Creator will too step forward and embrace you for your courage. He will definitely show you the way, it may be difficult at times but the reward is amazing.  

When a person walks the same path with the Lord, he becomes peaceful and is showered with His love and grace. He becomes peaceful in his heart and recognises the path and why he was born. It is this realisation and knowing we all seek, which is happiness to all of life’s missions.

There were 124,000 prophets and hence, there are 124,000 levels of achievements of merit in the wisdom of spiritual knowledge.  

Prophet Mohammed was the last and highest level of achievement a man can achieve.

I say this again, this can be achieved today for the right character. To achieve any of the levels is an amazing achievement and God is helping any person who is willing to try.
Your mother; who achieved these levels; and is willing to teach anyone who wants to try, including my son, who has already started.