Session 163 - Why is spiritual knowledge hidden and kept secret?


Hello Son,

I am pleased that you are determined to carry on with your learning to develop and further your spiritual knowledge.

Your question is, Why is spiritual knowledge hidden and kept secret?

If we analyse the whole perspective of spiritual knowledge; it is knowledge of the divine Creator, how things came into being and their implementation to complete action. If an unqualified person was able to get hold of this knowledge then, he would definitely abuse it. Furthermore, a person who is full of negativity and hate inside, who does not care about the consequences, would twist the information and deceive others.

Let me give you several examples, why it is important to keep certain knowledge away from the majority of the population;

A man is helping by volunteering to do some work without any payment. He has no greed or any sort of glorifying himself, he does it for pure self satisfaction. Another person sees this man, monitors the action and copies it to the exact detail to tell others what he has been doing, just for the publicity and to get favours from others. Now I gave this example, because it is very common, and it is happening everywhere in every corner of the world. Because man is selfish, all he cares about is power and the glory. He did the job to tell others. The work what the first man was doing is spiritual; it is the foundation of humility, kindness and thankfulness, to do any kind of work for charity, without payment is commendable in the eyes of the Creator.  

Another example; if a man steals a book full of guidance and secrets of life and how to solve its problems, then he could easily abuse it or even sell it on to somebody else or even worse, to the dark lords ruling this world. An event happened during the time of Hazrat Suleman (Solomon), because someone broke into his court and stole one of his writings and teaching. This was no ordinary book, it was dictated by the Creator to Hazrat Suleman, but it was not kept hidden away from others or prying eyes. There were many people who were jealous of his wisdom and wanted his power for themselves, if only they could possess that knowledge.

When the book got stolen, it was bought by the people who were bent on misusing and abusing its knowledge and guidance. They twisted the words and meanings to confuse and cause harm to others. This was the start of Black Magic as we know it.

Even the most innocent person can quickly change if he possesses anything that another person does not have. Man is weak, even a fool, because he thinks he can do the Creator's job without His help. And then, do the wicked thing by selling it for profit and taking the credit for himself.

I have been selective on what I am teaching you, because there are too many people who would abuse the knowledge that I am giving you. I do not hesitate your honesty and integrity, but unfortunately it is others who carelessly abuse it, by not guarding what they read.

The family must understand that this must be kept in the family and must not be out in the open until a designated time, or if your brother says so. He is the author and the ultimate keeper of these writings.

These are the words of the Creator, as the Creator is dictating the words to me and I am forwarding on to you, the infinite and merciful Creator has all authority of his own words, and they are sacred. Even an advice can be twisted to cause harm.

Your mother; who is pleased and honoured to dictate the words of the Creator to my son.