Session 162 - Changes in the current atmosphere


Hello Son,

There is a greater need than before to make progress to aid your ascension. As you are advising others on the topic, so too, you must further yourself down this sacred road of enlightenment.

There needs to be changes, and these changes have to be done immediately, as Mother Earth's vibrations are on the move. The whole planet is changing its configuration, hence all the volcano and earthquake activities.

I know it is a busy time for you at school, with all the pressures of paperwork etc, but this has priority over all others. The steps you have to take are, to focus more on meditation and channelling.

As the connection you have with me is excellent, and focused, you must increase the talks with me. This is because, I want the link to your higher self to intensify, and this means a greater, finer tuning.

This is all about you right now and progress on learning spirituality. As you have realised, relying on others cannot be good; as they too are unsure about the current changes on the planet.

Let us pick a topic to discuss, Changes in the current atmosphere.

As you are aware a brilliant white, refined light is coming from the centre of the galaxy. Even the scientists can confirm this. This vibrational energy is not only feeding the planet but is also feeding the rest of the other planets too. This light is a consciousness that awakens the planet. It is like a ‘knowing’ energy that simply shakes people to realise and think what they are doing.

This is a wakeup call for all mankind, it has other properties too but we will discuss this at a later date.  

This light is being absorbed by every living/nonliving creation, I know I have discussed this before, but it needs to be constantly reminded. Why is this happening? It is because the Creator has called time for the planet and the end of suffering and confusion. The souls of this world, millions of years ago, volunteered to enter this third density vibration of good and evil. On one condition, that they will be restored to their full and maximum spiritual enlightenment afterwards. This was the agreement made with Adam and it is happening right now.

The Creator is full of love and kindness and wishes that as many souls be saved and reach this accolade as agreed millions of years ago. However, this can only happen if we are all awake and listening to our higher self.

The changes right now are turbulent for those who are still not awake or exciting for those who have listened and tuned themselves to their higher consciousness.

It is going to be tiring, as your routine is hectic, but make time and try to get as much rest as possible.

Your mother, who guides the souls who listen with their hearts.