Session 161 - Do not feel guilty


Hello Son,

I know what you are thinking; the last two, three months you have rarely sat down and channelled with me. But do not feel guilty as this was necessary, let me explain;

The end of August last year was the start of the change and reached its peak on the 10th October 2010. This was an influx of varying strengths of energies that were flooding the planet to aid ascension. As you are more in-tuned and receptive than others, the body was able to tap into and receive these knew vibrations. However, there was a time needed for the energies of light to settle down and permeate into each cell. Remember, the ascension is also a chemical change in the body. These changes made you ill, unsettled, very tired and lethargic. When a person is going through all these symptoms, then how can he channel and feel comfortable? As illness stops the flow or momentarily reduces the capacity to receive messages from channelling, in your case it just reduced the capacity, hence weakened the amount of talking to me. But you are a lot stronger now.

There has been more influx of energies now, as mentioned earlier and this time there has been no illnesses or weaknesses. Remember to receive the divine light from God and not have any effects is almost impossible.

The first flow in August was just the foundation building to lead to this major flow of light. It also strengthened the body and tuned it.

Now you can carry on with your channelling as normal and learn.

As the extended family are going to read this too, make sure they do not distract you from your own goal of personal enlightenment and awakening, they will understand and have to be patient. At present they do not understand how awakening works or the levels of achievements. Your goal is to understand the ultimate infinity and divine knowledge of the cosmos, of the Creator. This can only be achieved by fewer distractions by others.

However, as you’re leading them, they too must wake up from their lives and understand. I have been inspiring them for a number of years now and slowly, they have been able to change their routine and begin to listen to their thoughts from the soul and higher self. This is where you have to start from, when you go to America.

Humility and love and the appreciation of every living creation, are a start of the thinking needed by everyone reading this.

Your mother; who thanks the Lord Creator every second of each moment.