Session 160 - Golden moment to change ones routine of life


Happy Birthday, to you and your sister

Time has gone very quickly and keeps on accelerating. This is because the cosmic speed is faster; it is the reason why so many people and especially children are learning so quickly.

Imagine driving a car down a road going to your destination somewhere; you begin day dreaming. Perhaps thinking about what things to get from a shop, imagine you are so absorbed in the day dream that you begin to visualise it. Now everyone has done this in their lives; whether they were sitting down, a passenger in a car, or even watching a film. Going back to driving a car, as you begin to visualise, the road ahead of you is not there, because you are thinking about the shopping you have to do. So a person keeps on day dreaming then he quickly realises that he is driving and snaps out of the situation. He momentarily works out his bearings and realises that there was no harm done.

The person driving was actually driving blindly because he was not looking at the road; he was day dreaming about what items to get for his home. This example, the speed of the mind, at present it is so quick you cannot imagine.

A person can day dream so much and visualise and workout the expense, so quickly that even driving blindly has no effect. But what is so special about this, as people day dream and visualise all the time? The difference is that their connection time between the synapses and brain activity has quadrupled than before. As a result we are processing information quickly too; this in turn leads to learning as well.

We must realise that this is a golden moment to change ones routine of life to the desire of learning. I have in my speeches (I am addressing to everyone in the extended family), told you to have time for oneself to learn and acquire knowledge for the benefit of yourselves.

When a person does this, he automatically acquires the light of that specific knowledge to embed into the cells of the body. This is like a positive and negative polarity of a magnet. Because we know opposite polarities attract, when this happens a connection is made. The brain is really a translator as the knowledge is inside of us.

Each time when we acquire knowledge, by reading, watching a speech or listening, if and only if we are fully listening, then these connections can be made.  

However, there is another more important note to remember, that this, the golden moment of time, the Lord Creator has made this learning a lot easier for everyone. This can only work if we make time and not get absorbed in the current materialistic world.

Your mother; of ultimate inspiration, who is overwhelmed with joy for decorating her grave with beautiful flowers.